Cloud Services / Hosting

What is the cloud?

As it pertains to the Internet, "The Cloud" is a general term for a collection of hardware and software services running on a globally accessible network.

Should everyone jump on-board?

Like most anything that is technologically advanced and still evolving rapidly, perhaps or perhaps not. If you need virtually unlimited capacitity to launch the next presidential campaign or an American Idol poll, it may make sense. Or if you want your presence distributed across the planet without a large initial hardware expense, moving into the cloud may be finiancially benficial. It does not negate monthly fees however, and it may even cost more money per month than what you're paying now.

The following are some general characteristics of cloud computing and how it aims to better the way we conduct business today:


Cost: initial capital expenditures are reduced to low startup costs.

Accessibility: systems accessible from most any location or device while retaining security.

Reliability: easier to configure multiple levels of redundancy.

Scalability: it is easy to scale up or down, even automatically as demand fluctuates.


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